Energy Effecient Hydraulic Units


Epoch-making energy-saving 50%(Compared to our product, when pressure is retained)

●Dramatic energy-saving by reducing the motor rotating speed under pressure-retained condition
●DAIKIN original high-efficiency IPM motor for air conditioners and high-speed response inverter are adopted (EHU40R/30R/15R).
●SR motor, which has low inertia, is adopted (EHU14/25/30).


High-speed response

high-speed response inverter and nonslip synchronized motor control is adopted.

●Response equivalent to or higher than conventional variable displacement pump
(Pressure retained ⇔ maximum flow rate:0.1 sec or quicker)

Autonomous energy-saving pressure/flow rate control

Supplies required flow according to load condition by monitoring oil pressure loads.

●Holds necessary pressure and operates at the minimum rotating speed required to compensate for leakage from circuit in retaining pressure.
●Rotates at high speed and supplies required flow when hydraulic actuator operates.

Easy installation and operation

Easy operation and monitoring

●Only connect to 200V commercial power source to operate.
●Pressure and flow rate can be set on the touch panel.
●Pressure and flow rate are legible displayed in digital.


Manual-ECO RICH EHU SERIES Instruction Manual